Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management


Vulnerability management is proactive and continuous updating of the software in your environment. This is a process, automated where possible, that keeps your systems and enterprise applications safe from cyber threats and data breaches.

There are two distinct parts to Vulnerability Management: Identifying and Remediation. Identification is usually a scan of all assets to determine and assess potential security weaknesses. Remediation can be automated, but in many cases it needs to be managed and a fix or update put in place to help prevent attacks and minimize damage if one does occur.

The aim of vulnerability management is to reduce an organisation’s overall risk exposure by mitigating as many vulnerabilities as possible. This can be a difficult task given the number of potential vulnerabilities and the constant threat of new attacks – fixing something that is not yet “broken” is often not top of the priority list.

Workspace IT can take the burden. We are experts in managing Microsoft environments, updating operating systems and applications as well as providing compliancy reports to show that the environment is as protected as it can be.
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Vulnerability Management


Keeping Microsoft Windows up to date provides the latest features and functions that enhance your user experience and productivity. Importantly, a patched system is also an essential part of making the device secure and improves protection from malware, viruses, and other cyber threats.
With the prevalence of remote and home working, keeping track of your assets and managing their updates can be difficult. Having the certainty that Windows has the latest patch is crucial to meet compliance requirements for cyber insurance or schemes such as Cyber Essentials.
Proactive patch management can save costs by preventing IT emergencies and system downtimes. In summary, a robust Windows patching process provides the following benefits:

• Improved Security
• Performance Boost
• Latest Features
• Compliance
• Zero-day Protection
• Cost Saving

Workspace IT can help implement and manage a platform and process that takes the pain away and internal staff to focus on business improvement work. Regular compliance statics can be used to satisfy auditors and cyber assurance schemes.

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Vulnerability Management


Most organisations have hundreds or even thousands of enterprise software titles to support their business functions and productivity. These vary from simple text editors to complex suites or graphics packages.
Application Management ensures that each application is treated and deployed in the same consistent way using a framework for the preparation and management of each application. This is regardless of the target platform, type of application or its user base.
The user is enabled to simply click a button to install the software they require to do their job – no technical knowledge or special permissions are required. Benefits of application packaging include:

• Improve Security and Lower Cyber Attack Risk
• Reduced Support Costs
• Latest Software Features
• Consistent User Experience
• Remain in Vendor Support
• Compliance

Workspace IT provides a service where we will take care of your application estate. Our team of packagers will deliver your applications on an agreed schedule or will react to critical updates released by a vendor and have the patch ready for deployment.
We have a strict application packaging process which each application will follow. Workspace IT have expertise in all the major packaging technologies including MSI, (Windows Installer), MSIX, AppV, PSADT and CloudPaging.

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Vulnerability Management


There are many cyber compliance requirements placed on businesses. These range from cyber insurance requirements to reduce premiums to ISO frameworks. One of the most common is the UK Government backed Cyber Essentials scheme that will help you to protect your organisation, whatever its size, against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks.

Cyber attacks come in many shapes and sizes, but the vast majority are very basic in nature, carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. They’re the digital equivalent of a thief trying your front door to see if it’s unlocked. The Cyber Essentials scheme is designed to prevent these attacks.

Effective management of your operating systems and applications will significantly contribute to Cyber Essentials compliance.
Workspace IT can produce compliance reports at a regular interval to show the state of the environment and the level that devices and software are patched to.

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    The help and support we have had from Workspace IT has been outstanding. The team have always been very friendly and approachable and we have been able to contact them whenever we needed their help. We will continue to work with this very professional team. Thanks all

    Mark Collis
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    Greatly Improved Service

    Since moving to the application provisioning process with Workspace IT we have been able to offer a greatly improved service to our customers and increase the capacity of the team to focus on other deliveries. Workspace IT fully understand our environment and how to interact with our users. They are an extension of our internal team and are highly experienced. Applications are now delivered faster and our users are kept well informed of progress along the way

    Matt Hutchings
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    Premier Foods

    Andrew Codling

    Incredibly Impressed

    We're incredibly impressed by the level of support provided by Workspace IT. Their team are highly skilled, professional and genuinely care about our success. It's reassuring to know that we can rely on them whenever we need assistance.

    Andy Codling
    IT Director Zellis

    Metropolitan Gaming

    Extremely Responsive

    Workspace IT advised and assisted Metropolitan Gaming with our hybrid Cloud Citrix implementation. This included the set up and upkeep of base images, Citrix machine creation services and profile management. They have been accessible and responsive at all times. Through monthly service calls they’ve kept abreast of our requirements, listened to our feedback and have proved themselves a positive contributor to the services we provide.

    Jason Gorana
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    Metropolitan Gaming


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