Say Goodbye to Windows 10: Are You Prepared for the Impending Transition to Windows 11?

May 20, 2024 ,
by Dan Goss
Windows 11 Transition

The clock is ticking. The end of an era is less than two years away. Yes, that’s right — support and updates for Windows 10 will cease permanently  on October 14, 2025. Are you ready to transition to Windows 11?

OK, you might think it’s too far away to worry about. But the sooner you start preparing for the transition, the smoother the process will be.

If you haven’t even begun to worry about the big switchover, don’t worry — you’re not alone. According to Statcounter, Windows 10 was still running on 72% of all Windows computers in the world in September 2023. What’s even more surprising is that figure wasn’t much different to the October 2022 figure.

So what happens when security updates for Windows 10 end? While you won’t have to worry about suddenly losing all your data, you will have to accept the fact that your system won’t be as secure. There will be no further security updates from October 14, 2025.

To put it simply: your environment will be more vulnerable than it is today.

But we’re here for you. The Workspace IT team has your back. We’ve put together a brief guide to preparing for the end of Windows 10.

And if you still need expert assistance once you’ve reached the end of this post, one of our experts will be at the other end of the phone for you.

Getting Ready for a New Windows Launch Isn’t Always Plain Sailing

We feel your pain. While the launch of a new Windows variant is exciting for many, it sparks a sense of doom within offices up and down the country. The transition can be expensive, time-consuming and fraught with risk if you don’t have the right support by your side.

The headaches caused by Windows transitions will be familiar to many business owners, managers and office hotshots.

Do You Have a TPM?

Did you know that in order to run Windows 11, you need a tiny chip in your hardware that’s responsible for a relatively new PC security feature? It’s called a Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and it’s essential if you want to embrace the brave new world of PC operating systems.

If you bought your PCs within the last three years, you’re living on Easy Street. But if they’re older than that, you might need to upgrade.

Do Your Processors Have Muscle?

Before installing any software, it’s always a good idea to check the minimum system requirements. Windows 11 requires a little more muscle than the brand’s previous incarnation.

You’ll need a processor capable of 1GHz or more — with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC). If you know, you know. If you don’t, your computers need to be faster and more powerful than ever.

Check out Microsoft Windows 11 system requirements here.

Do You Know How to Best Deploy Windows 11?

Microsoft recommends switching to a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) platform such as Microsoft Intune. Or if you’d prefer to avoid the cloud-based route to deployment, you can use Microsoft Configuration Manager to make the switch.

The technologies that will make the transition to Windows 11 seamless include:

Microsoft Intune

A cloud-based mobile device management and endpoint security platform.

Microsoft Configuration Manager

An on-premises software management and endpoint deployment solution.


A cloud-based deployment and provisioning service for Windows devices

Do you have a plan for moving your operations to Windows 11 with minimal disruption and risk?

Are you familiar with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Configuration Manager?

Do you know that it’s possible to use both platforms concurrently to transition across all your IT infrastructure at the same time?

Do you know which approach to making the Windows 11 transition quick and painless is best for your organisation?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘no’, it might be worth enlisting the help of an experienced managed IT service provider.

Is Your Hardware Up to the Job?

Which devices in your organisation are ready for Windows 11 and which need upgrading? If you’re planning the switch to Microsoft’s latest operating system, this is the perfect time to assess your hardware inventory and prioritise eligible devices. A little planning today could make the transition smoother and more efficient for everyone concerned.

If you bought your hardware within the last three years, it’s likely compatible with Windows 11. Not sure? Not a problem. Microsoft is providing tools that will help you ascertain the eligibility of your devices.

The good news is that those running Windows 10 Home, Pro and Pro for Workstations can use the PC Health Check app for guidance. If you’re an enterprise organisation, compliance checks will be available within tools such as Windows Update for Business reports and Endpoint Analytics.

Seem like a lot of hard work? Well, it can be if your infrastructure requires significant upgrades. If you need IT support professionals to review your hardware refresh plans, contact Workspace IT today.

Are Your Apps Compatible?

The transition between Windows variants always puts one or two spanners in the works. This latest upgrade will be no different. That’s why Microsoft’s Compatibility Promise is so important.

Microsoft's Compatibility Promise is a commitment to ensuring that applications and devices remain compatible with new Windows operating system releases.

The key elements of Microsoft's Compatibility Promise include:

  • App compatibility
  • Device compatibility
  • Commitment to testing
  • Support and guidance

This is an area in which Microsoft performs admirably. Windows 10 compatibility rates are close to 100% for enterprise organisations according to the App Assure program. Put simply, Microsoft will work tirelessly to ensure your apps and devices are compatible when you switch to Windows 11.

A lot of businesses won’t realise their apps and devices aren’t ready for Windows 11 until AFTER they’ve made the switch. The best approach is to assess compatibility issues before upgrading.

Either way, there are two tools that will help you iron out compatibility issues:

App Assure

Enrol with App Assure and Microsoft will assess compatibility problems and provide remedies for free.

Test Base for Microsoft 365

This cloud-based testing platform evaluates the compatibility of apps to ensure they work normally following the upgrade. 

Moving Your Workloads Doesn’t Have to Involve Heavy Workloads!

If you’re about to assess and potentially upgrade your IT infrastructure in readiness for the switch to Windows 11, now might be a good time to consider moving your workloads to digital workspaces. Why? Well, there are a few benefits to consider:

Easier Remote Working

Wherever you connect to the internet could be your office — whether that’s on a delayed train in the UK or a sun-kissed beach in Phuket! Moving your workloads to digital workspaces opens up the world to remote working possibilities.

More Effective Collaboration

Collaborating across multiple platforms and channels is easier when the entire workload is digitalised and cloud-based.

Improve Efficiency

Automate certain tasks and streamline others. Digital workspaces reduce manual tasks and increase efficiency levels — a recipe for lower operating costs.

In-Built Scalability

Combine your switch to Windows 11 with the digitalisation of your workloads, and you’ll be able to scale your system up and down in line with the needs of your business — without expense or delay.

Enhanced Security

Say goodbye to manual updates and security patches. Comply with your data protection obligations and give your customers peace of mind. Digital workspaces are safer and more secure than legacy systems.

We utilise platforms such as Microsoft AVD, Citrix, VMware "Omnissa" Horizon and many others to transition our clients to digital workspaces seamlessly. Contact us today to discuss your requirements in detail.

Repurposing Your Hardware? Not So Fast…

Wait! Stop what you’re doing, and put down the company credit card!

Don’t spend thousands upgrading your devices in readiness for Windows 11 when there might be a simpler, far cheaper alternative. While you won’t be able to run the new operating system natively, you’ll get the same functionality for a fraction of the price.

Windows 11 Virtualisation and Remote Working Solutions

There’s a way to run Windows 11 virtually on non-compatible devices, and it’s an area we specialise in here at Workspace IT. By leveraging virtualisation and remote working solutions, you can enjoy all the benefits of upgrading without the cost of upgrading your hardware.

Our end-user device management experts use systems such as IGEL OS to access virtualised Windows 11 environments. With our expertise, you’ll be able to:

  • Run Windows 11 remotely on existing devices, even if they don’t meet Windows 11 minimum requirements
  • Centralise the management and security of multiple endpoints
  • Enhance security and control over remote work environments

Make the Switch to Windows 11 a Breeze with Workspace IT

Upgrading to Windows 11 represents a great opportunity to assess your current IT infrastructure operational processes and data security measures.

Call Workspace IT today on 0118 432 0017 for help with everything from standard Windows transitions to comprehensive hardware refreshes. We’re ready to prepare your IT systems for the post-Windows 10 world.

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