Cyber-Attacks: Don’t be the next business in the headlines!


Cyber-Attacks are on the rise...

Anyone reading or watching the news recently would have found it hard not to notice the recent spate of high-profile cyber-attacks during May and June 2024. Above are just a few of the more noticeable ones.

Of course there are many ways that a business can fall victim to cyber-attacks, right through from socially engineered attacks on specific employees to the most sophisticated manipulation of software. In all cases there has to be a weakness to go after – limiting these weaknesses is by far the best way to defend yourself.

Admittedly zero-day attacks still happen, but these are rare. In the vast majority of cases where software-based vulnerabilities are exploited it is because an attacker is using a known issue with an out-of-date application or operating system.

Keeping your operating systems and applications patched and up to date is one of the most effective defences against Cyber-Attacks.

Day-to-day patching is often seen as “boring” or can be the last thing that a busy IT Team have time to do – it is often too easy to put off when something else is being demanded or a high-profile new IT project is being implemented.

Workspace IT can help. Operating System updates and application management are our bread and butter. We can help put in tools and processes that will ensure that your Windows desktops are always patched and up to date and that your application estate is effectively managed and updated proactively to a schedule. For more info on our Vulnerability Management click here.

We can work with your IT and Security teams to take the maintenance burden away and react to alerts from any vulnerability management tool such as ControlUp SecureDX, Rapid7, Tenable, Qualys, etc.

How can I find out more?

If you want to know more, reach out and one of our experts will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and explore how we can help you increase your security posture. Contact Us

Who Are Our Customers?

We have years of experience in a wide range of industries and our customers are all shapes and sizes and across all sectors such as Financial Services, Education, Manufacturing, Retail, the NHS, Police Forces and Local and Central Government.

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    Here's What Some of Our Clients Are Saying About Us.

    Mark Collis


    The help and support we have had from Workspace IT has been outstanding. The team have always been very friendly and approachable and we have been able to contact them whenever we needed their help. We will continue to work with this very professional team. Thanks all

    Mark Collis
    IT Support Team Leader
    North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

    5 Star

    Greatly Improved Service

    Since moving to the application provisioning process with Workspace IT we have been able to offer a greatly improved service to our customers and increase the capacity of the team to focus on other deliveries. Workspace IT fully understand our environment and how to interact with our users. They are an extension of our internal team and are highly experienced. Applications are now delivered faster and our users are kept well informed of progress along the way

    Matt Hutchings
    Technical Delivery Manager
    Premier Foods

    5 Star
    Andrew Codling

    Incredibly Impressed

    We're incredibly impressed by the level of support provided by Workspace IT. Their team are highly skilled, professional and genuinely care about our success. It's reassuring to know that we can rely on them whenever we need assistance.

    Andy Codling
    IT Director Zellis

    5 Star
    Metropolitan Gaming

    Extremely Responsive

    Workspace IT advised and assisted Metropolitan Gaming with our hybrid Cloud Citrix implementation. This included the set up and upkeep of base images, Citrix machine creation services and profile management. They have been accessible and responsive at all times. Through monthly service calls they’ve kept abreast of our requirements, listened to our feedback and have proved themselves a positive contributor to the services we provide.

    Jason Gorana
    IT Systems Manager
    Metropolitan Gaming

    5 Star


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