The end of HTTP only communication in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM/SCCM)

What's changing?
Microsoft announced that HTTP client communication would soon be deprecated from the product back in March 2021. The deadline of the 1st of November 2022 is fast approaching.


What does this mean?
In order to upgrade to the next release of Configuration Manager* your site will need to be transitioned to using HTTPS or Enhanced HTTP before the upgrade will be allowed to take place.

*The next release released after the deadline date 01/11/22

Are you prepared? Do you need help?
Do you need assistance from Workspace IT? We can help uplift your MECM infrastructure!
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Migrating your apps from Configuration Manager (SCCM) to Intune

Microsoft’s vision of Modern Management for devices means the future of Application management will be via the Cloud. The desire to move your applications into the Cloud has never been greater.

Although the feature sets of both Microsoft Endpoint Manager Microsoft Intune (MEMMI) or “Intune” and Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MEMCM) or “SCCM” are very similar there are some differences that need to be understood before the migration activity can start.

Workspace IT’s application packaging and management experience can help you on your journey to a Cloud first application strategy for application deployment.

Understanding your current Application Set

An audit and assessment of your current application set will identify the changes are needed to move your applications into MEMMI.

We will provide a report of your apps and guide you on any changes are needed to enable Cloud-based deployment.

Choosing the right Application Type

Although MEMMI does support some formats natively (.MSI, MSIX, AppX) there are some limitations that require the applications to be converted into Win32 apps.

We can take your applications and wrap them into an MEMMI supported format using industry standard toolsets. This leads to seamless migration with consistent and secure installations.

Workspace IT’s packaging experience can also help update your applications to use MSIX –  Microsoft’s modern application packaging format.

Contact Workspace IT now to see how we can help get your applications migrated to and managed via the Cloud!

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (SCCM)– 1910 released

Microsoft have released version 1910 as an in-console update in Configuration Manager. As part of this upgrade the product receives a bit of rebranding as well as some new features.

Firstly, the branding, Microsoft System Centre Configuration Manager is no more!

Welcome, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

Microsoft have decided to add Configuration Manager under the Microsoft Endpoint Manager brand along with:

Expect to see this in your programs list after completing an upgrade to 1910.

So, what’s new in Configuration Manager 1910?

Here are our best picks:

For more information on the new features, see the Microsoft official release notes: